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Your Right to Wellness

As people across the country embrace their right to explore the many and essential uses of cannabis, we embrace our responsibility to help guide that exploration. Rise stands as a beacon of what’s possible when creative minds and compassionate people come together in this new era. We believe you have a right to wellness, balance, and living vibrantly. And we believe you deserve a dedicated partner to support you in that journey.

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Cannabis is our Calling Card

Here at Rise, we are fighting to expand your right to the numerous properties of cannabis. That’s why patient and customer care drives everything we do. Here’s to a revolution of wellness going down in history.

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You can find our dispensaries all around the country, where we’re bringing communities together via the most thoughtful products possible. So if you’re into that, we’ll see you soon.

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Rise to a Higher Standard

At Rise we offer high-quality, thoughtful cannabis products from a select list of trusted vendors. Our Cannasseurs are dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to our patients, guests, friends and family as we strive to make everything around us better. From patient to community to planet - our sights and standards are always set high. Choose from hundreds of finely-tuned and Rise-crafted goods here.
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